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Eagle Forklifts Sales, Repairs and Maintenance is Family Oriented and Established in 1997

Eagle Forklifts vision is to improve its customers operational efficiency and reduce their bottom-line costs with wholistic material handling solutions. We listen and provide the most efficient and reliable machinery to suit your needs and ensure you receive the best value for money for new forklifts, used forklifts or forklift hire.

In addition to our range of forklifts for sale, we also offer forklift hire.

Typically, with forklift hire, Eagle Forklifts is a long-term hire specialist with very competitive rates, services and products in Brisbane and surrounding regions. We have majority of breakdowns resolved within 48 hours of notice. This reflects our exceptional customer service, just read our reviews.

Eagle Forklifts is a family-owned & operated company.  Call Eagle Forklifts today: (07) 5426 6958.

Eagle Forklifts is supported by the manufacturer Hangcha forklifts for our forklift hire machinery. Hangcha forklifts is also our recommended product for all your material handling needs. Hangcha forklifts have an extensive range on offer – if you don’t see the product you need on our website, enquire with us here and we will confirm if we can supply it.

Hangcha forklifts are reliable, efficient and have a simple, serviceable design. The serviceable design minimises downtime of the forklift on your site for regular maintenance, in turn reducing your costs involved over the life of the forklift. Hangcha Forklifts are built with multiple award-winning Japanese engines.

Eagle Forklifts utilises the Mitsubishi engines, Isuzu engines or GCT  Nissan engines combined with the floating transmission. This has proven to provide reliability for Australia’s toughest operating conditions and for Eagle Forklifts customers.  The floating transmission design is a one-piece casing around the engine. This design minimises chassis vibration, which also reduces operator fatigue compared to standard solid-state transmissions. Eagle Forklifts ensures all forklifts are supplied with the suspension seat -to maximise comfort for the operator.

Hangcha forklifts are a cost effective machine that do not sacrifice efficiency, ergonomics, reliability of longevity. This is your chance to experience a Hangcha forklift yourself. For more information click here.

Eagle Forklifts and Hangcha forklifts have some great recommendations and reviews from the likes of Clipex AustraliaKingbarsBaiada (Steggles), EPSA Group, BEC Feeds & The Department of Defence Australia. Who have been using our services and products for ten or more years.

Why Choose Eagle Forklifts?

  • Long term forklift hire specialists

  • Forklift hire to buy option(s)

  • Over 90 years combined industry knowledge

  • Family operated business

  • Independent recommendations, advice & knowledge

  • Competitive pricing & unmatched individualised services

  • Majority of breakdowns repaired within 48 hours

  • Professional services & friendly staff


Unnecessarily complex business structures can overcomplicate tax obligations. Talk to your tax agent to ensure your business structure suits the needs of your business. See more tips


It’s important to operate a forklift safely and create a safe work environment to minimise the risk of incidents. Simple measures that can make a big difference, are:

  • Observing speed limits and stop signs
  • Wearing correctly fitted seat belts
  • Slowing down and sounding the horn at intersections.

The risk of forklift-related injuries can also be reduced by making sure employees are well trained, machinery is well maintained, and a traffic management plan is in place. Learn more

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