Caterpillar Forklift Sales, Servicing and Repairs

We sell and service Caterpillar Forklifts throughout Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast.

Caterpillar forklifts, just like everything that carries the Caterpillar and Cat name across the globe. Cat products are renowned for their quality and reliability. Cat® Lift Trucks share the Caterpillar brand values by delivering innovative material handling solutions for the toughest and most diverse applications. With a dedicated focus on the same uncompromising quality and reliability, Cat forklifts are built to incorporate safety and maximise productivity for the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

Eagle Forklifts is an independant company and can source Cat® Lift Trucks upon your request.

Cat® Lift Trucks features impressive forklift options for outdoor, indoor, narrow aisle, and warehousing applications, including Internal Combustion, Narrow Isle Reach, Sit-on Reach Forklifts and Walk-behind electric stackers or pallet movers. Regardless of your material handling challenges, Caterpillar forklifts come with state-of-the-art functionality to meet all of your needs.

Caterpillar Forklifts For Sale

Explore our range of Caterpillar forklifts for sale and invest in the one that’s best for your operational needs.

As one of the leading names in forklift products, Caterpillar provide one of the most reliable products for material handling logistics.

Main features of Caterpillar forklifts:

  • Well known brand recognition for material handling products
  • Fitted latest engine manaegment systems
  • World wide recognised brand and products
  • Operator-sensing systems that lock unattended machine as a standard feature

Why Shop for Caterpillar forklifts at Eagle Forklifts

  • Japenese produced high performing engines
  • Well-known transmissions – Floating style, advanced transmissions
  • Electric options fitted with highly efficient batteries – Lithium available
  • Advanced safety features – Latest safety features as standard
  • Reliable service & support – Second to none service and support with 48 hour breakdown gurantee

At Eagle Forklifts, we offer a diverse range of Caterpillar forklifts for sale so that you can equip yourself with the most adequate tools for the next project or operation. Browse through our selection of forklifts and contact us about the one(s) that best match(es) your requirements.

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