Spare Parts & Attachments

  • Industry standard rotating strobe light to make your forklift compliant. Installer will require soldering light wires into existing strobe light wires for operation to be successful. Universal forklift rotating strobe light.
  • Universal side mirror designed for most brands of forklifts. Installer may have to drill and tap operator cabin to install. AS2359 compliant.
  • LED headlight, designed to shine 8 LED bulbs brightly to give premium lighting for night or dusk forklift operation. Light will need to be sldered into existing light wires for installation.
  • The BF2 Seat Cover is a canvas high quality seat cover designed for BF2 seats from Eagle Forklifts. Easy installation with Velcro strip design to be. Protects the seat from any cuts to avoid frequent seat replacements. BF2 canvas high quality seat cover designed for BF2 seat from Eagle Forklifts. Available with a in Grey fabric
  • Seat belt designed for BF2 seat from Eagle Forklifts. AS2359 compliant.
  • Premium ergonomic suspension seat with operator presence system microswitches in-built ready for installation. Provides a high level of comfort for operators of high usage forklifts. Premium ergonomic seat designed for high usage forklifts.
  • The GS12 Seat provide a great opportunity for forklifts with low hours of usage for the operator. This Affordable forklift seat is AS2359 compliant. Coloured Black.
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