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Welcome to Eagle Forklifts, where forklift repairs and servicing are the heart and soul of our operation. We understand the crucial role that forklifts play in your business operations and we’re here to ensure they’re always in peak performance condition.

Dependable Forklift Repair Service

Is your forklift experiencing issues? Does it need immediate attention? Our forklift repair service is just a contact away. Our team of skilled and certified professionals is always ready to attend to your forklift repair needs promptly and effectively. We service Brisbane, Ipswich, Somerset, and regions throughout Queensland, extending our reliable services even to the Gold Coast.

Comprehensive Breakdown Services

There’s nothing quite like the peace of mind that comes with knowing help is just a phone call away. At Eagle Forklifts, we offer a complete range of breakdown services that are as fast as they are efficient. Whether it’s an unexpected breakdown or minor hiccup in your operations, our experts will swiftly diagnose and rectify any issues to minimise your downtime.

Fully Equipped Service Vans

Our fleet of fully equipped service vans ensures we’re ready to respond to your call, no matter where you are around Brisbane. Each service van is stocked with all necessary tools and diagnostic equipment needed for forklift repairs and servicing. Our service vans enable us to bring our workshop to you, providing the quick and efficient service your business needs to keep running.

Regular Forklift Service for Preventive Maintenance

Keeping your forklift in top shape isn’t just about responding to breakdowns—it’s about preventing them. This is why we offer regular forklift service packages. These routine check-ups ensure that your equipment remains in the best working condition, preventing potential breakdowns before they can occur.

Preventative maintenance not only extends the life of your forklift but also significantly reduces the risk of costly and untimely repairs. It’s the smartest and most cost-effective approach to maintaining your valuable assets and ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Your Peace of Mind is Our Priority

At Eagle Forklifts, our primary objective is to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Our comprehensive forklift repairs and servicing are designed to keep your operations running smoothly. When you choose Eagle Forklifts, you’re not just opting for a service – you’re selecting a partner that truly cares about the efficiency and longevity of your forklifts.

Don’t wait for the unexpected. Contact us today to learn more about our servicing and repairs packages, or to schedule your next forklift maintenance. With Eagle Forklifts, your forklifts are in safe hands.

forklift repairs brisbane

Why Choose Eagle Forklifts?

  • Long term forklift hire specialists

  • Forklift hire to buy option(s)

  • Over 90 years combined industry knowledge

  • Family operated business

  • FREE 54 Point Safety Check

  • Same Day Repairs

    Same Day Forklift Repairs

  • Independent recommendations, advice & knowledge

  • Competitive pricing & unmatched individualised services

  • Majority of breakdowns repaired within 48 hours

  • Professional services & friendly staff

  • Qualified and Equipped

FREE 54 Point Safety Check

Including a free 54 point safety check and a written report detailing mechanical or safety concerns with every forklift service. Furthermore, we send a reminder of what to keep an eye on between services. Therefore minimizing forklift repairs in future.

Same Day Repairs

Our mechanics have the ability to diagnose and repair most faults on-site. Because of our extensive spare parts division, above all, we have the ability to conduct the majority of repairs on the same day they are found.

Qualified and Equipped

Eagle Forklifts’ spacious and modern workshop has all the tools needed to add, alter and modify attachments to suit your changing operations. Due to this, we provide fitment of LPG and NGV systems.

Roadworthy Certificates

This inspection certifies the basic vehicle safety standards for many components inline with the Vehicle Inspection Guidelines and is needed when selling or transferring registration of the forklift to a new owner, or transferring from another state or territory.

forklift repairs brisbane

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