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Eagle Forklifts Sales, Repairs and Maintenance is Family Oriented and Established in 1997

Eagle Forklifts vision is to improve its customers operational efficiency and reduce their bottom-line costs with wholistic material handling solutions. Our employees listen to your forklift requirements to ensure you receive the best value for money on our offers to assist you.

In addition to our range of forklifts for sale, we also offer forklift hire.

Typically, with forklift hire, Eagle Forklifts is a long-term hire specialist with very competitive rates, services and products in Brisbane and surrounding regions. We have majority of breakdowns, regardless if the forklift is hired or purchased, resolved within 48 hours of notice. This reflects our exceptional customer service, just read our reviews.

Eagle Forklifts is a family-owned & operated company.  Call Eagle Forklifts today: (07) 5426 6958.

Eagle Forklifts Utilises Hangcha forklifts for  its forklift hire fleet of machines and is our recommended product for all your material handling requirements.

Hangcha forklifts are reliable, efficient and have a simple, serviceable design. The serviceable design minimises downtime of the forklift on your site for maintenance, in turn reducing your cost involved with the forklift. Hangcha Forklifts are built with multiple award-winning Japanese engines.

Eagle Forklifts only utilises Mitsubishi engines, Isuzu engines or GCT Nissan engines. They have proven to provide reliability for Australia’s toughest operating conditions for Eagle Forklifts customers since 1997.  The floating transmission design is a one-piece casing around the engine. The floating transmission design minimises chassis vibration, which also reduces operator fatigue compared to standard solid state transmissions. Eagle Forklifts ensures all forklifts are supplied with the suspension seat to maximise comfort for the operator.

The forklift chassis, mast and cosmetics are manufactured in China. Chinese made cosmetics ultimately, reduces your bottom line repair costs, without sacrificing reliability of the mechanical operation. For more details click here.

Eagle Forklifts services and the Hangcha brand of forklifts have some great recommendations from the likes of Clipex Australia, Kingbars, Biada – Steggles – Brisbane West, EPSA Group & RAAF Base Amberley.

Why Choose Eagle Forklifts?

  • Long term forklift hire specialists

  • Forklift hire to buy option(s)

  • Over 90 years combined industry knowledge

  • Family operated business

  • Independent recommendations, advice & knowledge

  • Competitive pricing & unmatched individualised services

  • Majority of breakdowns repaired within 48 hours

  • Professional services & friendly staff

Connect With The Community

Customers love supporting local businesses. After all, when they support a local small business they receive benefits like improving the local economy. Knowing the people behind the product or service leads to better customer service, and a more personalized experience. Furthermore, supporting local businesses keeps the community unique. As a small business owner, you should look for opportunities to give back through volunteerism, hosting a fundraising drive, or sponsoring a non-profit organization. Attend local events and just engage community by soliciting feedback or highlighting your loyal customers. In other words, get involved with the community and watch your business thrive. Read more

Risks Of Forklifts

Even at low speeds, forklifts can cause serious injuries and fatalities. Pedestrians are at risk as well as the person using the forklift. Forklifts are designed to be compact and easy to move and steer, but they can become unstable when carrying loads. A standard two-tonne forklift can weigh approximately five tonnes when fully loaded. With lower stability and greater maneuverability, forklifts are involved in many incidents, especially in uncontrolled traffic areas. Read more

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