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Eagle Forklifts is a family orientated business. Est in July 1997.

Eagle Forklifts vision is to provide wholistic material handling solutions that increases operational efficiencies and reduces customers bottom line costs. We achieve this through active listening to ensure we provide the most suitable choice for your requirements and ensure your expectations are met without unnecessary expenditure.

Eagle Forklifts is a family owned and operated company. Every operation is different. We listen to your requirements to ensure you receive the best value for money on forklift hire. Eagle Forklifts provides forklift servicing and repairs also. Typically breakdowns are resolved within 48 hours. This reflects our exceptional customer service. Have a look at our Eagle Forklifts Google reviews.

Eagle Forklifts Utilises Hangcha forklifts for forklift hire. Hangcha forklifts are reliable, efficient and have a simple, serviceable design. The serviceable design minimises downtime of the forklift. Built with award winning Japanese engines, they provide reliability for Australia’s tough working conditions. The transmission is a one piece design with the engine, its called a ‘floating transmission’. A floating transmission minimises chassis vibration, which also reduces operator fatigue compared to standard transmissions. The forklift chassis, mast and cosmetics are manufactured in China. Chinese made cosmetics  reduces your bottom line repair costs, without sacrificing reliability. For more details click here.

Toyota skid-steer or Gene Tele-handler hire options are available upon request. Contact us for more information.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Short or long term forklift hire

  • Forklift hire to buy option(s)

  • Over 80 years combined industry knowledge

  • Family orientated business

  • Independent advice & knowledge

  • Competitive pricing & unbeatable services

  • Individualised quoting

  • Expert diagnostic and repair services

Business Tip

Build a great team – ‘Hiring’ isnt enough. Find employees with the skills and persona’s you know best suit your company & industry. Build a clear upskill map and business plan for every employee to guide them in to the leaders and employees your company deserves and requires. A great read for reference is here.

Safety Tip

PPE – Personal protective equipment is essential for any business in Australia for Workplace Health and Safety legalities. When you hear PPE think a bit further into it to protect yourself and others. Always consider sharp edges or product on forklifts – consider wearing gloves to ensure no physical damage.

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