Forklift Repairs Gold Coast

forklift repairs golf coast

Do you need quality, efficient and reliable forklift repair services in Gold Coast?

Are you looking for a mechanic that you can trust?

Eagle Forklifts is a reputable provider of forklift repairs Gold Coast wide.

Whether you need transmission overhauls or forklift engine repairs, or maybe some minor forklift repairs, contact us today for quick and efficient repair services. We will provide you with the most cost-effective options possible without sacrificing the quality of services.

Forklift Repair Service & Maintenance at Eagle Forklifts

Minor forklift issues must be fixed as soon as possible to ensure everyone’s safety.

Not only will you prevent an array of accidents in case of a broken steering wheel or another crucial element, but you’ll also avoid your forklifts from breaking down when you need to use them.

Operators and business owners must also adhere to a regular maintenance program. This is a vital step in keeping one’s forklifts in good condition and ensuring that your equipment can achieve peak performance.

Have you forgotten to ensure regular forklift maintenance and repairs to your machinery?

Eagle Forklifts offers an emergency forklift repair service so you can continue with your business without any delays and extended deadlines. We understand that downtime caused by lift truck failure can be expensive and inconvenient. With our emergency repair programs, you can rectify issues.

We can get your lift trucks up and running at an affordable cost.

Forklift Maintenance Gold Coast

Does the forklift fail to fully stop when you hit the foot brake? Can you hear squealing noises when you apply the brakes? We can successfully fix any of those issues. Have you noticed a trail of oil on the floor where your forklift was? It might be a case of a leaking tilt cylinder or ruptured hose. Either way, our experts will successfully tackle both small and big oil leakages.

Our mechanics have the ability to diagnose and repair most faults on-site. Because of our extensive spare parts division, above all, we have the ability to conduct the majority of repairs on the same day they are found.

FREE 54 Point Safety Check

Including a free 54 point safety check and a written report detailing mechanical or safety concerns with every forklift service. Furthermore, we send a reminder of what to keep an eye on between services. Therefore minimising forklift repairs in future.

Roadworthy Certificates

This inspection certifies the basic vehicle safety standards for many components inline with the Vehicle Inspection Guidelines and is needed when selling or transferring registration of the forklift to a new owner, or transferring from another state or territory.

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