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Do you need a new forklift to manage inventory, move heavy materials and improve workplace safety? At Eagle Forklifts, we’re proud to offer the best selection of new forklifts in Brisbane, Australia.

Whether you need a new forklift for your operation or want to upgrade to a better model, we have a solution. Our forklifts meet the demands of many industries, including manufacturing, construction, warehousing, agriculture and logistics. Our forklifts feature:

  • Models from all the top manufacturers
  • Exceptional warranties
  • An easy-to-operate design
  • Extended lifting capabilities
  • Available for indoor and outdoor use

Contact us to learn about our forklifts and other heavy-lifting solutions. We are always here to answer any questions.

Types of Forklifts We Carry

We offer several different types of forklifts for sale, so you can choose the one that meets the needs of your operation. Keep reading to learn more about each.

LPG-Petrol Forklift

Our LPG-Petrol forklifts are a popular choice for indoor use. They are powered by liquefied petroleum gas or petrol, making them an excellent choice for operations that require a cleaner solution. These versatile forklifts are suitable for manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and retail industries.

Diesel Forklift

Are you looking for a durable, high-performance forklift for outdoor use? Our diesel forklifts are an excellent choice. Our diesel forklifts offer high torque outputs, allowing them to handle heavy loads with ease. They are also more fuel-efficient than other forklifts, making them a cost-effective option in the long run.

All-Terrain Forklift

The all-terrain forklift is designed for use on rough terrain and uneven surfaces. It’s equipped with larger wheels and a more robust frame than other forklifts, allowing it to navigate challenging environments. It’s ideal for construction, agriculture, mining and other outdoor applications.

Electric Forklift

Electric forklifts use an electric motor and a battery pack to power the lifting and movement of loads. They are commonly used in indoor environments, such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities, as they produce almost zero emissions and are quieter than diesel and petrol forklifts. There are also some new Electric forklift models being released in 2023 for the replacement of internal combustion forklifts. They are designed for outdoor use, in harsh environments.


Telehandlers, also known as telescopic handlers, are a forklift that features a telescoping boom or arm that can extend upwards and forwards. They are commonly used in construction sites and agricultural settings to lift and place heavy loads at various heights or over long distances. They can be electric-powered, diesel-powered or petrol-powered, though electric telehandlers are becoming increasingly popular.

How a New Forklift Can Improve Your Bottom Line

If you manage a lot of inventory or heavy materials, a forklift can help you drastically reduce costs and improve profit margins. Find out how a forklift can help you improve your operation.

Increased Productivity

A forklift provides a fast and efficient way of moving materials, allowing for quick and efficient loading & unloading of goods. This decreases loading and unloading time and increases productivity.

Improved Safety

Forklifts are designed to reduce the risk of injuries, as they allow large and heavy materials to be moved safely. This helps create a safer work environment while decreasing your liability.

Reduced Operational Costs

Forklifts reduce the amount of manual labour needed to move materials, reducing the need for added staff and cutting labour costs.

Increased Operator Comfort

Forklifts are ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and provide a comfortable working environment for your machine operators. They are also fairly simple to operate, but do require specific licensing.

Reduced Damage to Materials

Forklifts reduce the risk of dropping and damaging goods, making them safer and more reliable for the transportation of goods. If you are ready to discover all the benefits of a forklift in Brisbane, contact us today to request a test drive.

Why Choose Eagle Forklifts?

When it comes to quality, it’s hard to beat the team at Eagle Forklifts. As an independent forklift dealer in Brisbane, we offer expert advice and personalised services. See why our clients continue to choose us.

High-Quality Brands

We only sell forklifts from top-quality brands, ensuring you get the best performance and reliability from your investment. All the forklifts we sell also offer industry-leading warranties for your peace of mind.

Forklift Price Match

We offer our new forklifts at competitive prices, making it easy for you to find the perfect forklift for your budget. However, if you find the same forklift at a lower price, we’d be happy to honour that price. Some restrictions may apply.

Flexible Financing

A new forklift can be a substantial upfront investment. Fortunately, we offer flexible financing options to make it easier for you to buy a new forklift without breaking the bank.

Reliable Forklift Repairs

In addition to our new forklift sales, we also offer fast repair services so you can get right back to work. We can resolve most repairs in as little as 48 hours.

Fast Delivery

We understand that time is of the essence in the business world, which is why we offer fast delivery times for all our new forklifts. We’ll deliver your new forklift in just a few days. Some restrictions may apply.

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How Much Do Our Forklifts Cost?

A new forklift can be an excellent way to streamline costs at your warehouse, reduce liability and manage inventory. At Eagle Forklifts, we have options of forklifts and forklift accessories at all price points, so you can find the perfect one for your budget.

Add a New Forklift to Your Fleet in Brisbane

If you are looking for new forklifts for sale in Brisbane, you are in the right place. We are here to help you find the perfect forklift for your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more about our range of new forklifts or to schedule a demonstration.